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Reader Question – anybody have experience starting a charity?


Here a good question I found in the comments section of a previous post. ‘jonasbroshavemyheart’ asks us the question:

okay so i have this idea to help fans to get tickets to concerts whether they just don’t have the money or just because the band has not come to their city yet, i was wondering if anyone knows where i would need to start in doing this and how i would raise money for this? i really wanna do this but i have no idea where to start…?

Answer: And who is it that you expect will donate to a “charity” like this? Because I certainly wouldn’t, anymore than I would donate to a “charity” that would take people shopping. Charities are supposed to do something that greatly enhances a community, or addresses a critical community need. Your idea does neither of those things. Here’s info on how to start a nonprofit — good luck on getting donors to your “charity”Starting a Nonprofit Organization (one of my favorite resources)Starting a Non-ProfitChecklist- The Things You Must Do to Start a Nonprofit Organization Starting a Nonprofit Organization – How to Start a Nonprofit How to Start a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization you file any paperwork, you need to get a very impassioned group of people together who support your idea and will provide some start up funding and serve on the board of directors, you need to get letters of endorsement from existing organizations saying this “program” is needed, you need to have data that shows your target group is in need whatever service it is that you want to provide and that they are not served otherwise, and you need to have a draft of what your first year’s budget would look like (what expenses you expect to incur, what you expect to pay staff, etc.)

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